Hardware For UPVC Inward Open Window system

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Hardware for UPVC inward open window system is suitable for UPVC window with standard 20-12-9 U type euro-slot.

Hardware for UPVC inward open window system is suitable for sash width FFB:400mm-750mm Height FFH:400mm-1600mm.

Suggested proportion of the width and height 1.5:1,the max loading ≦60kg,The load-bearing level depends on the hinge. You can refer to the hinge parameters.

The self-weight of the sash (the total weight of accessories such as glass and sash-shaped materials) *1.4 (safety factor) is less than or equal to the maximum load-bearing of the hinge.

  • FOB Price: 8USD/SET
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 1,500,000 Piece per Month
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    Details And Data Sheet
    1. Hardware for UPVC inward open window system is suitable for UPVC window with U type euro-slot.
    2. Suitable for sash width FFB:400MM-750MM and height FFH:400mm-1600mm,Suggested proportion of the width and height 1.5:1.
    3. The max loading ≦60kg,The load-bearing level depends on the hinge. You can refer to the hinge parameters. The self-weight of the fan (the total weight of accessories such as glass and fan-shaped materials) *1.4 (safety factor) is less than or equal to the maximum load-bearing of the hinge
    Hardware for UPVC inward open window system

      Series No. Parts Name
    1 Top Hinge (Left)
    Top Hinge (Right)
    2 Keeper

    3 Transmission Gear (7.5mm)

    4 Bottom Hinge(left)
    Bottom Hinge(Right)
    5 Middle Hinge
    6 Friction Stay
    7 Handle
    7A Handle

    There are a variety of handles to choose from: Fingerprint handle, standard three handle, square seat handle, handle with key

    Hardware for UPVC inward open window system


    Installation Process

    Installation diagram of Hardware for aluminum turn&tilt window
    Hardware installation sequence
    Install according to Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3...One by one to install


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    Are you still worrying about these problems?
    Are you still running to the hardware store?
    Worry about not being able to buy the specifications, too many to carry.
    Are you still bargaining for accessories?You don’t know how to choose the size, the workmanship is bad, You don’t know

    Hardware for UPVC inward open window system

    Why Do You Choose Us

    Product name:Hardware for UPVC inward open window system
    Product specifications: handle (standard handle, square seat handle)
    UPVC Transmission Gear:400#  600# 800# 1000# 1200#
    UPVC Hinge: Left,Right
    Friciton Stay (two connecting, European style Friction Stay)
    Product features: load-bearing 90kg, left and right interchangeable, quick installation, smooth transmission, no noise.
    Product material: Carbon Steel,zinc alloy

    Reliable Product Quality

    20 years experience

    our prefessional is your success


    The factory manufacturer supplys the product,

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    Our Advantages
    1. The raw materials of the castings are made of four-in-one zinc alloy, and the advanced material formula (±50 ℃) does not deform or break.
    2. All stainless steel parts are made of 304 material, containing 7.5-8.5 nickel, which does not rust.
    3. The plastic parts in the fitting system are made of high-strength wear-resistant nylon PA66 material, which will never be damaged.
    4. The spraying part is sprayed with polyurethane material, the thickness is 45μm-100μm, and the dry adhesion is more than 10 grades, all exceeding national standards
    5. The production equipment for zinc and aluminum die-casting machine is 120Ton, and the automatic punching machine is 180Ton,which ensure the hardness, strength and toughness of the casting. Inward opening, inverted, inner and outer casement windows open and close 450,000 times of opening and closing cycles, no distortion of parts, normal use
    6. The surface treatment of the plated parts is a trivalent chromium electroplating process, the thickness of the plating layer is 45μm-100μm, and the salt spray test is 120 hours without pinholes, bulging and rust.
    After nearly a year of repeated research and designing a mold opening test, Yuqiang Hardware has successfully improved the aluminum alloy casement window hinges, connectors, and inner opening and inverted hinge chains from the original aluminum alloy extrusion material to carbon steel. Stamping parts ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the accessories is increased. The original aluminum alloy hinges can load 70kg, and the carbon steel hinges can load up to 180kg without deformation or fracture.
    It has fundamentally solved the load-bearing problem of super-standard large windows and triple-glazed windows. Now this product has been declared a national patent, leading other domestic brands.
    Production Process
    Buying Procedures
    buying procedures

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  • Q:Why choose YuQiang over any other companies?
    A:We manufacture our products locally. Our customer service is exceptional and personalized for every customer. Every YuQiang product is armored and durable with a 12-month structural warranty. We use high quality materials sourced from the very best in China. Our design team works closely with customers for any custom orders.

    Q:Which payment terms can we accept?
    A:Normally we can work on T/T or L/C terms, sometimes DP term.
    1). on T/T term, 30% advance payment is required and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.
    2). On L/C term, a 100% irrevocable L/C

    Q:What logistics way for product delivery?
    A:1).90% in shipment by sea, to all main continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Europe, etc.
    2). For neighborhood countries of China, including Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan etc., we can ship by road or railway.
    3). For light parts in urgent need, we can deliver in international courier service, including DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx.

    Q:What are your warranty terms?
    A:We provide a 12-month warranty on all our products, except failure caused by improper installation, operation or maintenance, accident, damage, misuse or non YuQiang modification and normal wear.

    Q:What is your lead time?
    A:We aim to provide customers with a fast lead time. We understand emergencies happen and priority production should be preferred in a faster turnaround. A stock order lead time is 3-5 working days, while custom orders within 1-2 weeks. Contact YuQiang products so we can provide an accurate lead time basing on situations.

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